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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 13, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EST

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together and to try to recover from this. >> reporter: a long way from 2007, in iraq when he talked about the burdens of being the man then considered the nation's most trusted general. >> the job is so consuming, it is something that takes every waking minute of every day. >> reporter: either way, those duties took him away from his wife and family for the majority of the last decade. i'm martha raddatz in washington. there are new questions this morning about the fbi agent who first took that initial complaint from jill kelly. we have learned the agent was barred from taking part in the case over the summer due to concerns he had become personally involved. he reached out to a member of congress when he thought the e-mail investigation was not moving quickly enough. >> could this get any messier? wow. >> thinking, yes. defense secretary leon panetta made his comments about petraeus' decision to resign as
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the nation's top spot. according to panetta -- i think he took the right step and i think it's important when you're director of the cia with all the challenges that face youen that position that personal integrity comes first and foremost. yeah, secretary of defense, leon panetta and the president agreed, general john allen was up for a promotion. going to become the united states european command and supreme allied commander. that nomination is going to be delayed again. general john allen denies any wrongdoing with jill kelly, the e-mails, 20,000 to 30,000 dating back to 2010. >> again, the tipping point may have been when petraeus according to all accounts, really crafted relationships with the media, was well aware of his image. high profile, very powerful man, and yet, when you came done to writing his official biography, he asked a woman to do it who had never writ in a book before. perhaps looking as this thing moves on, a telltale moment into
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what was really going on here. says a lot. >> everyone around him they were concerned with the types of access that she was getting. apparently more than we thought it was. secretary of state hillary clinton arrived at her latest overseas destination, this time australia, where the u.s. and that country are holding a summit about strengthening defense ties and fighting cyberthreats from countries including china. president obama travels to asia later this week with historic visits in myanmar and cambodia and thailand. in the middle east, growing concerns that israel is being drawn into the syrian civil war. the israeli military says tank scored a direct hit on a launcher after a stray mortar fell into the golan heights. it has already been in turkey and jordan. john macafee. the multimillionaire, macafee,
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his name, and lives in belize where his next door neighbor has been found shot to death. police describe 67-year-old macafee as a person of interest in the case. three children are among five family members found dead inside a toledo, ohio garage. police believe it is a case of murder/suicide. all five apparently died of carbon monoxide poisoning from truck exhaust piped in through hoses. police say there was a custody battle over the children, ages 10, 6, 5. they had been in the care of their grandparents for a very long time. florida power company worker paying dearly for a trip to new york to help the lights get back on after sandy. the lakeland electric lineman, john applewhite attacked as he walked into a new york restaurant last week. speculates the guy who hit him was mad about still having no power. applewhite said he is not going to let the incident get him down. adding he still enjoys helping people the i know it is tough up
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here. got to keep our tempers in check. the guy trying to help people out end up in the hospital. >> the cars may be the thing of the future. one car apparently could not wait for the new technology to evolve. >> take a look at this bizarre scene in wildwood new jersey. the car keeps going in circles. backward with no one at all behind the wheel. after standing by helplessly, a hero emerges believed to be the fire chief jumping in from the passenger's side window. >> looks like the "dukes of hazard" car. started when drivers and passengers decided to switch side. as both men got out, the car slipped into reverse. >> well done. coming up next, the champagne blues. >> france's bubbly is going flat. we will tell you why and what it means for your new year's toast, right after this. it is all coming -- it is all coming of next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
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the new halo 4 game an angel for microsoft, the sci-fi, shoot them up, action game, raked in $220 million sales globally last tuesday. the first day on sale. >> that beats the record set by previous installments of the hit series for x-box 360 platform. halo 4 could be the hit of the season. it will be challenged by call of duty black ops 2 which goes on sale today. >> the maker of twinkies is
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permanently shutting down three bakeries as thousands walk the picket line. hostess announced the closure in seattle, st. louis and cincinnati. the company ceo is threatening to shut down the entire company if the strike cripples business. members of the bakers union walked off the job friday over wage cuts and benefit cuts as well. get your twinkies now, folks, not looking good. >> if you get them now they will be good in 20 years. if you are not getting enough fiber from fruits and vegetables, a new alternative, sippy soda, what the people at pepsi are claiming. >> that's right, pepsi introducing a new soft drink in japan supposed to be infused with fat blocking fiber. the pepsi special as it is called is designed to appeal to young, health conscious men. >> is that calories? >> get your fiber, folks, stay regular. to a different drink now, champagne, nothing to celebrate in france. there is word that this year's harvest is the worst in at least
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40 years. they say it was done, you know, caused damage because of hail storms, heavy rain, as well as fungus. >> you will be able to toast the upcoming holidays, the bubbly has to age 15 months. the cork you pop won't be from this year's harvest. that means 2014 will be expensive when you ringt in. >> new year's, champagne, hand in hand. got to do with it. stick with us, our
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welcome back, everybody. there is no denying it any more. fall is officially here. that moons you have how to get the home repair projects that you put off so you could enjoy lazy days of summer. our friend, giz whiz dick
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debartelo knows what will make chores easier and more fun. he presents an array of power tools. where did you find all this stuff? >> power tools and other stuff. home depot has the tools. and this is, these are a kit. this is the power saw. and, has a laser line that goes on so you can saw a straight line. but -- >> keeps you on task. >> laser. >> exactly. what is neat, 50 tools that all use the same battery pack. >> transferable from tool to tool. >> lithium ion, so you get 20% more run time. it lasts four times longer. so this is -- click it into the drill. l.e.d. light shines on your work. magnetic platform. didn't have any screws. stuck paperclips. little drill storage there. >> neat. >> transfer the battery into the
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work light. and twist ahead to shine on your work. sold as a kit at home depot. a different gadget. also from the same company. >> sprays. >> same battery pack. a paint sprayer. but if you get a clog, you take this, you turn it 180 degrees, a cardboard box, clear the clog. turn it back. now if you must have the latest, of everything, and you're geeky, this man is not geeky. >> so you say. >> this is kind of neat. from black & decker. >> this is cool. >> gyro screwdriver. so you press down on it. lean a little this way. driving screws in. you loonean a little bit that w in unscrewing mode. we have an l.e.d. light down there. we can vary the speed by moving the wrist. >> so all about how you angle this thing, depending,
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determines which direction it goes. how fast it goes. >> little gyro black & descker. $40. >> not bad at all. this is my favorite item. >> this is from, let me push it in here. the nest thermostat. >> smart thermostat. >> yes. they asked people, how, how many had programmed your therm stats. 15% of people who bought thermostats, program them. so this one the first week you use it, i feel cold, feel warm. little computer memorizes everything. a little motion detector with a wide rain nge. if it seize tes the family out. wi-fi enabled. getten touch with it from any wi-fi device. >> nice. nice. future of the lightbulb. >> yeah, you save money. but they're ugly. and a lot of them you cannot
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dim. so this is the next generation, so it is l.e.d. lightbulbs. and they are fully -- dimmable. and what's need about that, it is very close to what a regular lightbulb looks like. use these in lamps. a lot of people. you could use these as a decoration because they're quite interesting looking. >> looks prettier than the average lightbulb. >> the switch 60. right now in commercial use. in a month they will be a switch 40. 40, 60, 100 watt. coming in at $40. as time goes on they will rapidly drop in price. >> also helps you save money on energy. >> yes, lasts 25,000 hours. >> not bad at all. all good stuff. all good tips for the fall. as always appreciate you being here. all this good stuff. thank you, paula for donating all this stuff. you can find details on all the products. and where to find them at dick's website, or
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i know this is going to come as a shock to you, rob, did you know there is a lot of women that don't get along with their mothers-in-law. >> i am stunned by the stats. >> stunned. thanks to people at onepoll and their hard research for basically stating the obvious. 40% of us don't like our mothers-in-law. here is a couple reasons why. most of us have an uneasy relationship. but the number five -- giving your children too much junk food. number four, criticizing your mothering skills. >> i get that, yeah. >> three, declaring in my day we did it like this. >> no one likes that. >> number two acting like they know what is best. the number one reason that most don't like their mother-in-law, sharing their opinions on huh to
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raise your children. coupled with other stats. one in ten not speaking to their mother in law following a builter argument, 15% have come close to ending their relationship over friction with their mother-in-law. i want to say, janet, i love you. >> i knew that was coming. more women have driver's licenses in the united states than men. more licensed female drivers than men. did the study, 1995 to 2010, they said basically look, numbers are what the numbers are. more women drivers out there these days which could have an economic impact, women are more likely to purchase smaller, safer, more fuel e fifficient c and drive less and lower fatality rate. could be better for the roadways if there are more women out there driving cars. >> first we can vote. now we can drive, what will the world come to? >> oh, yes, indeed.
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we should get to our "favorite story of the morning." >> looking to put a little spark into your romance. an artist launched "love is art kits." between $60 and $100. a big canvas, plastic sheet and paint. you roll around on the canvas and sheet. >> as you are making -- >> as you are making love. that's the final effect. apparently you get slippers included. allows you to walk in the shower to wash it off. comes with a plastic sheet to roll on the floor underneath. especially treated canvas. i hope so. 4 ounce bottle of paint where you can simply use your body or body to move the paint around and across the canvas creating a abstract image. ♪ >> wow, art work created by love making process there -- i can see some of the freaks out there getting into that.
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it is creative t. >> i don't w
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this morning on "world news now" -- a house search is just one of the newest developments in the scandal that brought down former cia director david petraeus. >> fbi agents sure did look like they were conducting an investigation at the house of petraeus' mistress, paula broad well, it is tuesday, november 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." and now, some breaking developments from overnight. the top american commander in afghanistan is now involved in what is turning to a greg scandal. good morning, i'm robe. >> i'm paula faris. you do get the sense this one is going to stick around for quite
3:01 am
a while. we welcome you to this tuesday edition of "world news now." also this half-hour, the fallout from the nascar brawl we showed you yesterday morning. a hefty fine and some harsh word still flying in that one. when we say hefty fines we mean hefty. >> hefty. maybe not so much for him. for a normal person, yeah. >> still hefty. from here in new york it seems impossible some residents who lost power during sandy are now using boiling water as a source of heat. our reporter met some of the folks, we have a look at how they are doing now more than two weeks after the storm. public housing residents in the city particularly hard hit. we'll get to that in a second. >> will the fascination with michael jackson ever end? i don't think so. there are some startling revelationsen a new book about how jackson dealt with money not to mention his own fame and what he really wanted from his career. fascinating information there. speaking of fascinating, we begin with the breaking news now
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that the top u.s. military commander in afghanistan is now also caught up in the petraeus scandal. general john allen is being investigated by the pentagon now for sending thousand of improper e-mails to jill kelly, of course, the whistle blower in this case. >> she is the florida woman who triggered an investigation which ultimately forced petraeus to resign. now defense officials would not discuss the nature of the relationship between general allen and jill kelly. but some 20,000 to 30,000 documents, involving inappropriate communications between general allen and the said individual, jill kelly. >> seeing all this play out on e-mail. e-mails from mistress paula to petraeus, that's what led to this. now another very high ranking military official accused of sending e-mails also to the whistle blower in this case, allegedly just a family friend of the petraeuses. as you said, some could be inappropriate here. this will be the huge story of
3:03 am
this morning. what exactly were in the e-mails? why so many? what did they contain? >> general allen up for pending nomination to be commander of the united states european command and supreme allied commander. the secretary and president have asked for it to be put on hold why an investigation -- >> seems just about right. allen will remain in his current job. the senate is being asked to speed up confirmation hearings for his successor. in major developments, fbi agents at paula broadwell's north carolina home last night. abc's larry jacobs has that part of the story. >> reporter: officials entered the house of paula broadwell and left with several boxes. this new development after an official told abc news that the fbi discovered hundred if not thousand of e-mails between david petraeus and paula broadwell on her computer, sordid e-mails detailed their affair and led to petraeus'
3:04 am
downfall as cia director. >> in his universe, this moral failure is unacceptable and renders him unworthy of continuing the position. >> reporter: the affair is a moral failing, not a civilian crime. it could be a military one. petraeus can be tried under military law for adultery if the affair started while he was general running the afghanistan campaign. >> every indication and certainly my understanding from him is the affair did not begin while he was in the army. there were worrisome signs while he was in uniform working in afghanistan. >> reporter: paula broadwell flew to the war zone six times after granted extraordinary access to write a book about petraeus. she praised him during her book tour. >> i think he does present a terrific young people for young people, executives, men and women. >> reporter: it was broadwell who set off the scandal when she set threatening messages to jim kelly warning her to stay away
3:05 am
from petraeus though kelly has never been romantically involved with the general. soon the fbi investigated her for hacking and breach of national security but so far have only found details of an affair. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. there are new questions this morning about the fbi agent who first took the come plant from jim kelly. we learned that the agent was barred from take part in the case over the summer, due to concerns that he had become personally involved. he reached out to a member of congress when he thought the e-mail investigation wasn't moving quickly enough. so jill kelly to let you know, she is an unpaid social liaison at a military base in tampa, florida. >> there were initial reports she was an employee of the state department. that is not true. that got out there. three things playing out here -- the relationship between petraeus and paula. then there is relationship between general allen and jill kelly, the family friend, got the threatening e-mails from the mistress.
3:06 am
now this fbi agent, launched the investigation. his relationship with jill kelly, the family friend being investigated. seeing this thing develop now on three different tiers. general allen says he disputes there is any wrongdoing. that he is, he has done anything wrong. and they're not trying, right now at this point not speculating as to what the relationship with jill kelly was. we are not going to speculate it either. >> no, no. see what the e-mails contain. 30,000 e-mails we will see. >> some of them inappropriate. >> allegedly. >> the search is on for a tech pioneer, john mcafee, mcafee lives in belize where his next door neighbor has been found shot to death. police there call 67-year-old mcafee a person of interest in this case. a number of people, describe his recent behavior as eccentric. five family members including three children have been found dead inside a toledo,
3:07 am
ohio garage. police say it looks like a murder suicide. all five died of carbon monoxide poisoning from truck exhaust piped in through hoses. police say there was a custody battle over the three kids, ages 10, 6, and 5. >> awe investigators in indianapolis are zeroing in on natural gas as they look for the cause of the huge explosion that killed two people and seriously damaged dozens of homes. the owner of one of the homes that was leveled said he had a problem with his furnace over the past few weeks. it could take some time before they know the exact cause of that deadly weekend blast. we head overseas now, growing concerns that israel is being drawn into the syrian civil war. the israeli military says its tanks scored a quote, direct hit on a mobile artillery launcher after a stray mortar fell into the golan heights. the syrian conflict has already spilled over into turkey, jordan, as well as lebanon.
3:08 am
a flight in brazil almost ended in tragedy. and every dramatic moment all captured on camera. this small business jet overshot a runway sunday. as you can see it crashed into a retaining wall and broke apart stopping short of a busy highway. despite damage and smoke. no one was killed. the pilot was injured. the two passengers were not hurt. lance armstrong has cut all ties with livestrong, the charity he founded battling cancer. weeks after being stripped of the seven tour de france titles. armstrong fired off this defiant tweet over the weekend. a picture of himself in the living room flanged by the jersey, back in austin and just laying around. completely severing ties trying to protect his foundation. >> another fall from grace. we have seen plenty this year, huh. >> you reported this one yesterday here. they had a nascar race in arizona over the weekend. and the boxing match broke out.
3:09 am
>> yeah, this one was not pretty. jeff gordon said heap just had had enough of clint bowyer. he wrecked him during the race. that sparked a massive brawl in the pits between their crews. gordon has been fined $100,000. docked 25 points. and put on probation. >> members of the team penalized the crew chief find $25,000 and put on probation. >> swift punishment for them. the new revelations we mentioned about the king of pop, michael jackson. >> they're calling themselves the forgotten victims of super storm sandy. stranded and trying to make progress one step at a time. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by united health care. but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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welcome back, everybody. two weeks after hurricane sandy slammed into the northeast. life is still very difficult for the people who live in one section of brooklyn, redhook. >> their high-rise public housing buildings are still without power or heat. abc's steve osunsami went to find out why. >> reporter: we went climbing the long and dark stairs in redhook, brooklyn, at the new york city housing authority. where thousand of family are living without heat and electricity.
3:14 am
some of the 47,000 without power across the city. >> you just have to, well, pray and hope for the best. >> reporter: we found nia and her family using steam from boiling water to keep warm. >> thank god my stove works. if we didn't have the stove, it -- i don't think i would stay here. >> reporter: the stove is what is keeping you warm? >> yeah. >> reporter: outside, long lines at the relief agencies for bread, blankets and suits. red cross agencies are here. families are entering their third week without power and they want some one held accountable. >> we were left behind. that's all i can say. left behind. we too pay taxes. >> reporter: they worry there is no one rushing to restore the power here because they're poor. local power utilities say they have done their job, the power is here at the curb. the housing authority said it can't pull the electricity in because the equipment in the basement is still wet. we took our questions to management and were shown the door. >> you have to get out. >> reporter: we did find the
3:15 am
public housing chairman telling us generators and pumps from as far away from texas finally started arriving over the weekend. >> first and foremost, we have been laser beam focused on redhook and families. >> families here are beyond frustrated worried they can be without power until thanksgiving. the housing thorauthority says will do everything it can to make sure it doesn't happen. >> steve osunsami. potentially until thanksgiving? >> that's what we heard. an article in "the new york times," how in a tragedy, saw the same thing, some class issues emerged about what areas got power back first. which residents became the priority residents and which ones had to wait longer for resources for power for attention from politicians and utilities you. see these kind of things play out. you hope everybody gets it back in time. two weeks without power? the families to raise? and, you know, meals to try to
3:16 am
put on the table. it's,000 tough for everybody. everybody from all walks of life suffered in the storm. let's hope they get back sooner than later. glad steve did the piece. >> wow, sad. thought you knew everything there was to know about michael jackson? think again. >> a surprising new book, the king of pop's personal struggles as we have never seen them before. that story coming up. ♪
3:17 am
♪ don't just leave me alone ♪ leave me alone >> look at that.
3:18 am
>> i can do my michael there. at one time michael jackson was the most popular man on the planet. that came with an extraordinary dose of publicity. >> we are not going to leave him alone. three years after his death, a new book reveals michael's private struggles in unparalleled detail. abc's nick watt has the story. ♪ thriller nights >> reporter: there hasn't been any one that famous in a single moment as he was during "thriller" time. that was probably the peak of celebrity for a human being. >> reporter: randall sullivan highly acclaimed journalist spent three years getting behind the mask of the most celebrated entertainer our world has ever known. a tale of family, fame, lost childhood, and startling accusations. that you won the have heard before. the portrait of a prescription drug addict who could spend $250,000 on a shopping spree
3:19 am
without thinking. >> the shopping like the drugs was a painkiller for him. >> reporter: apparently michael jackson would often call business partners and ask them to bring around bags of cash. >> in one case, a phone call, asking mark for $7.5 million. it was like a french fry bag and gave it to michael. an in-joke, well i want you to super size this order. he wanted to have money, to put in his pocket to him that was real money. >> that is look a child. >> he was, yes. >> reporter: a man child who couldn't leave fame or family behind. >> michael was teared of being a song and dance man. he dent waidn't want to perform stage from the team of the history tour, 1995, 1996. ♪ >> reporter: jackson wanted to be an actor the he wanted to buy the rights of every marvel character before anyone else thought of making them into movies. >> he wanted to play spiderman. how that would have worked. i don't know.
3:20 am
>> reporter: he wanted to play willie wonka. he didn't get that role either. jackson claimed to be a child trapped in an adult world. he never got to express his sexuality in any sort of. >> reporter: you think his sexuality was? >> i think he did all that he could to neutralize himself. i don't think michael was trying to be homosexual, or heterosexual or pedophile, he was trying to be asexual, presexual. his insistence he was peter pan, was so total he got peter pan's nose. >> reporter: there were accusations that jackson's love of children was in fact sexual. there is no proof he molested anyone, cleared of the only accusation that ever made it to trial. he admitted to sharing a bed with prepubescent kids he shared a bed with dozens of children. >> correct. >> why? >> he wanted to be a child. he wanted to belief he was another 12-year-old or
3:21 am
13-year-old. >> reporter: he wanted a sleepover? >> he wanted a sleepover. >> reporter: in the book, sullivan deskroocribes how peop lisa marie presley were beguiled by his intelligence and charm. it seems you have fallen for the michael jackson spell as well? >> will i hope that what i fell for was good about him. i don't think i was ever blinded to the aspect of michael's character are not so attractive or questionable. the ultimate question is did michael jackson ever molest a child? my conclusion is that i don't think he did. my answer is probably not. i wish i could say conclusively, no he didn't. i can't. there is -- there is a shadow of doubt. and i learned, i had to come to accept that i was going to have to live with that. i think anyone who is honest about michael will have to live with it too. >> reporter: nick watt in los angeles. >> fascinating peek behind that
3:22 am
curtain, huh. >> they also said he was extremely lonely, sought the come pan of others who also had fame up to his leaf. princess diana, blew him off because he creeped her out. >> his life was as much a show as anyone. [ scratching ]
3:23 am
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we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft? >> jake tapper covered the wars in iraq and afghanistan for years. usually from the perspective the white house. >> but a very personal experience inspired him to look at the wars in a very different way. the result is his new book "the out post, in untold story of american valor." here is jake. >> reporter: october 3, 2009, i was at the hospital with my wife and my newborn son. out of the corner of my eye i
3:26 am
caught a news story from afghanistan. >> eight soldiers lost their lives. >> reporter: an attack on a remote u.s. military base, combat outpost. >> i have ben on three demrimentsd deployments i have never seen that large of a force attacking one standing position. >> reporter: just 53 americans fought valiantly up to 400 taliban insurgents. shown here on this terrifying video posted months later. and as i held my son, i learned of eight other sons, taken from us that day. in what was the deadliest day for the u.s. in afghanistan that year. over the next two years i tracked down the stories of the eight men lost that day. kevin thompson, josh kirk, michael scusa, justin gallegos, chris griffin. josh hardt, vernon martin, and stephen mace. i wondered why they were stationed at the doomed out post, at the bottom of three
3:27 am
mountains, near the pakistan border. >> a very, very bad place. it was unfightable. we did what we could to fight often me. as a result of where we were at made it very difficult for us to fight. >> reporter: it turns out a pentagon investigation later concluded by mid 2009 there was no tactical or strategic value to the outpost the by then so many paid the ultimate price, including lieutenant ben keating, a gung ho former president of young republicans and son of baptist ministers. killed in november, 2006. >> and you have to think to yourself all stories that do get out there how many thousand don't. you know, who sacrificed like those guys and their families have. >> you mentioned jaek t eed jak kimmel? >> yes, on the view. and last night. on kimmel. and the book comes out today. a very important and inspiring stories about the guys. >> great perspective to tell the
3:28 am
stories. >> more from abc coming up next.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on this morning on "world news now" -- breaking developments in the widening scandal that has already claimed the career of former cia director david petraeus. >> the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is now being investigated in connection with this growing controversy. it's tuesday, november 13th. it's tuesday, november 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." this tuesday morning, general john allen, the u.s. leader in the war zone. apparently he has been in e-mail contact with the woman who blew the whistle in the petraeus scandal. a lot of layers to get to this morning. i'm paula faris. >> to say this is getting messy is an understatement. high-ranking officials, two
3:31 am
wrapped up in -- who knows what this thing is all about. on top of that, the fbi has been peeking around the home of david petraeus' mistress. it's getting pretty interesting, folks. we will have all the details coming up in this half-hour including the news that has broken overnight. good morning once again. i'm rob nelson. we will have the breaking aspects of that story and also what the fbi is saying about how it went about its early investigation in the case. lots of details to get to. they were at paula broadwell's house last night. she reportedly is being completely cooperative. handing over laptops, any sort of information. she wants to get this behind her. a good samaritan who paid a very heavy price for coming to the rescue. his life-changing decision and its consequence. then let's lighten it up a little bit, shall we, "the skinny," told you about the now-single justin bieber. who is the pretty lady you now see with him? two words from that story -- victoria's secret. yeah.
3:32 am
>> not a secret anymore. >> stay tuned for that. the life of young celebrities. must be tough. we do begin this morning with stunning new developments overnight in the growing scandal involving david petraeus. get this -- general john allen, current u.s. commander in afghanistan, well he is now under investigation for inappropriate e-mails to the whistleblower in the case jill kelly. >> abc's senior foreign affairs correspondent martha raddatz has been tracking the story and has these late details. >> reporter: the secretary says on sunday the fbi referred the department of defense a matter involving general allen. apparently this involves communications -- e-mails with jill kelly. apparently there are 20,000 to 30,000 documents including e-mails between general allen and jill kelly. >> wow. just six months ago, kelly was named honorary ambassador to central command for her volunteer work with the
3:33 am
military. she has yet to comment on this latest development. now she is becoming possibly a central figure as paula herself. >> not this paula. >> not you. not you. you are a good girl. >> yes, i am. jill kelly, as you mentioned, she is a volunteer, not paid by the military. was like a social liaison to the military base in tampa. as for the other woman, paula, at the center of the story, federal agents were at paula broadwell's north carolina home last night for more than four hours. they were seen taking out boxes of materials. >> we return to martha raddatz with more details on this quickly unfolding story. >> reporter: a friend close to petraeus says the general was shocked and surprised to learn broadwell had been sending anonymous threatening e-mails to jill kelly. the petraeus family friend who was so alarmed by the e-mails she called the fbi. those friends also tell us the general's wife holly petraeus is furious with her husband. you see her here at his
3:34 am
confirmation hearings back in august of 2011. broadwell sitting a few seats away. petraeus insists they weren't having an affair then which lead us to the first big question -- when did the affair begin? petraeus' friend says it started around november 2011, two months after he took over the cia. an important point since he could be tried under military law for adultery. >> my understanding from him is that the affair did not begin when he was in the army. >> reporter: many who know the general suspect it did begin in afghanistan. it was september 2010 that broadwell made her first of six visits to petraeus in the war zone after being granted extraordinary access to write the book about him. >> when i was in kabul we would do a lot of interviews on runs. for him i think it was a good distraction from the war. >> reporter: question two -- when did the fbi get involved? it was around may or june that the fbi was tracing those threatening
3:35 am
e-mails sent to petraeus' friend, jill kelly, kelly mentioned harassing e-mails to petraeus herself and the belief that they were from broadwell. officials say broadwell turned over her competitor to the fbi where they found a trove of explicit e-mails between petraeus and broadwell. the fbi does not believe petraeus gave classified information to broadwell though there was some found on her computer. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> that's worth pointing out too -- the real news -- was national security at risk? whatever was going on this man's bedroom? what did she really have access to and did that put the nation in any kind of jeopardy? that's what makes the news beyond the soap opera, tawdry details of it all. >> if you are an adulterer and in the military, you can be tried for that. >> didn't know that. >> top lawmakers expected to be briefed on the whole matter
3:36 am
later today. i have a feeling it will be a long briefing. >> the fbi is certain to get questions about how it exactly handled the investigation. with more on that angle, here is abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: fbi and justice department officials say they followed the rules. the fbi's focus was on whether federal cyber harassment statutes were violated by alleged mistress paula broadwell when those menacing e-mails were sent. petraeus himself never was the focus of the investigation, ny t he broke any law. they say this was a criminal case, not a major intelligence probe, requiring them to notify congress and the white house. justice department guidelines generally bar sharing information about developing criminal cases. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> we'll see how it plays out. obviously, abc will stay with the story throughout the morning. tune in to "good morning america," this morning, and "gma" will have full coverage of this coming up.
3:37 am
lots of questions and layers to say the least. all in, i think at this hour. >> no pun intended. let's turn to the recovery from super storm sandy, long, slow, finding out, expensive. new york governor andrew cuomo asking the federal government for $30 billion to help rebuild in the wake of the storm. the money would be used to fix bridges, tunnels, subways and train lines as well as for repairing homes and apartments wrecked during the storm. and next door, new jersey, the odd/even gas rationing imposed after the storm will officially come to an end this morning. many drivers waited for hours to get gas if any was available because some stations couldn't get fuel. others didn't have the purr to others didn't hatch the -- have the power to pump it. supplies are slowly now getting back to normal. so no more rationing in the garden state. in florida, a good samaritan who lost his leg helping a total stranger is talking about his life-changing ordeal for the first time. >> angel soto, a father of four,
3:38 am
stopped his car last month to come to the aid of a crash victim in del ray beach, and that's when another car slammed into him crushing his right leg. >> i could not feel my legs, both legs. the pain was excruciating. and i was hopping on one leg. >> soto said he would do it all over again. because saving someone's life was well worth it. >> man, everyday hero, that's for sure. here is your tuesday forecast, everybody. a wet day from northern california to seattle. up to a half foot of snow in the cascades and northern rockies. rain in south texas. and morning frost along the gulf coast. rain from florida to new england. >> mainly 50s in the northeast. just 30s and 40s in the midwest. 75, phoenix. 63, sacramento. and in monday night football, it was the chiefs visiting the steelers. it was a tough good morning to watch. we pick it up late. chiefs driving the field goal range. they tie it up as the clock wind
3:39 am
down. yep, we're going to o.t. >> that's where the chiefs' quarterback, matt cassel found lawrence # timmons, the pick deep into territory. just enough for the steelers to kick the winning field goal. steelers win an unwatchable one, 16-13. but their quarterback, ben roethlisberger taken to the hospital in the third quarter for a right shoulder injury. they're hoping he is not out for an extended period of time. he is having a career year. >> fourth qb injury this week. rough week for the qbs. all right. coming up. kirstie alley making an encore performance on "dancing with the stars." >> right now, she is dishing about some of her former partners, of the romantic kind. all in a new book. she has a conversation with barbara walters coming up next. ♪ what a man what a man what a mighty good man ♪ ♪ i want to take a minute or two ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by soda strength. [ scratching ]
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♪ a mighty good man ♪ what a man what a mat wha ♪ a mighty good man >> kirstie alley does everything in a big way from her moves on the dance floor to public struggles with her weight to her outspoken opinions on, well, pretty much everything. >> yeah. now she has rolled all that up into a brand new book called "the art of men." and abc's barbara walters got the inside scoop. ♪ >> reporter: kirstie alley is back.
3:44 am
slim and sexy for her second spin on "dancing with the stars." before you went on "dancing with the stars," you said you were broken? >> i did feel broken. i felt broken. it did have something to do with men. i mean, maybe there were people who wanted to have sex with me. i certainly didn't want to have sex with them in that condition. >> reporter: so then you did with "dancing with the stars," and now the sex is good? [ laughter ] alley has also written about her love life, including a new revelation about former co-star, patrick swayze, with whom she starred in the tv mini-series "north and south." >> do you admire beauty, mr. maine? >> as a matter of fact i do. >> although married to parker stevenson, kirstie fell for swayze who was also married. >> we did fall in love with each other. >> reporter: he want you'd to get divorced and marry him, for heavens sakes? >> i was willing to break up my marriage. and i wasn't willing to barack
3:45 am
-- break up his marriage. >> reporter: kirstie tested the bond of her marriage when she fell deeply in love with her on screen husband john travolta in the film "look who's talking." >> i'm an instructor and i'm giving you a lesson. >> give me your hand. put it on my stick. >> i don't want to put it on your stick. >> john is the greatest love of my life. believe me it took everything i have, inside, outside, to not run off and marry john. >> reporter: why didn't you do it? i mean, he was single? >> because i feel like, when you marry someone you are supposed to work hard at it. you are supposed to make it work. >> reporter: now divorced from parker stevenson, she lives in this 20-room spanish mansion with her two children, 18-year-old lily and 20-year-old drew, and about 24 pets. including ten lemurs. finish this sentence. >> okay. >> reporter: kirstie alley is -- >> -- wild. >> reporter: still? >> i think i'm wild.
3:46 am
i consider myself very eccentric. i could be honestly sitting here with you right now while there are ten cats jumping on the table and on our heads. i think that's pretty eccentric. >> wow. >> okay. is john travolta secretly gay? barbara asked her. kirstie said, "i know john. and with all my heart and soul. he is not gay. >> why she spilled the beans on the guys? patrick is no longer with us. how does his wife feel? >> john travolta is married to kelly preston. spilling the dirt -- i could have run away with him. this is disrespectful to the dead, to the widow and to john and his wife. it's a little, a little classless. i guess you have a book to sell, all things are a go. eh. >> i don't like it. >> a little weird. >> all for the sake of money and publicity. >> all right, have fun. sure it is a great book. when we come back, elmo is not so tickled let's say about the man who speaks for him. >> "the skinny" with trouble brewing on "sesame street" right after this. you are watching "world news now."
3:47 am
>> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny >> oh, well the news is rocking hollywood this week. it just brings a tear to everyone's eye of course, the beebs and selena gomez. thank you so much for that. are broken up officially.
3:49 am
now the rumor mill is churning the reason the two are headed for splitsville or in splitsville right now. he, there they are the now split couple. he has kind of got his eye on this woman, barbara palvin, a victoria secret model. the rumor he was in the victoria secret holiday fashion show with the wings. all that. eyeing up every little hotty on the catwalk. apparently seeing this girl. if you are wondering she is hungarian, born in budapest, she is 5'7", wears a size 3 dress. >> she wears a junior size? she is a victoria's secret angel. all this good stuff. rumors out there that she herself already has a boyfriend. we hope justin is not breaking up an existing relationship here. but anyway, the beebs is moving on. on top of that recently gave some performance where he sang justin timberlake's song "cry me a river" a song justin sang after the breakup with britney alluding to that britney was
3:50 am
the one who was cheating on him. people are saying that justin performed that song for a reason to send a message about why the two broke up. you know, it's all hollywood smut. who cares? interesting speculation going on this morning. >> something a little more straight forward just as scandalous. we all know who elmo is. >> of course. yes. >> we haven't seen who elmo is. we know the voice. >> yes. >> it is kevin clash, emmy winning puppeteer. he has played elmo for the last 27 years. now he is denying allegations he had sex with a 16-year-old boy. sesame street workshop, released a statement, a 23-year-old man contacted the company in june, alleging that he and clash had a relationship seven years prior. sesame workshop conducted a thorough investigation and found the allegation of underaged conduct to be unsubstantiated. >> that's good. unsubstantiated. in this day and age, it is the accusation, not the truth that seems to stick. sad. it's kind of creepy.
3:51 am
elmo wrapped up. >> elmo is creepy. >> okay. >> tickle me, elmo. >> oh, man. well, anyway. ann hathaway in the movie "les mis" based on the famous play. she is 28 years old. she had to become emaciated. >> she was emaciated. >> she was pretty skinny going into this. said she lost 25 pound to play the dying prostitute in the movie. she was in a state of deprivation, physically and emotionally by the time the filming ended. a lot of hype around the movie. she is really thin. look at her. lost 25 pound on top of that to do this role in "les mis" hopefully worth it. early reviews seem to be good. but, any way, that's kind of extreme for ann. >> people are looking for the political showdown, 2014, ashley judd, a staunch liberal, against senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell. she says,
3:52 am
i cherish kentucky, heart and soul, honored by consideration. we have just finished an election. so let's focus on coming together to keep moving america's families and kids forward the did she say she wasn't going to do it? >> she'll be the hottest senator, i will tell you that. and me... discovering once-daily levemir® flexpen. flexpen® is prefilled. doesn't need refrigeration for up to 42 days. no drawing from a vial. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. flexpen® is insulin delivery... my way. levemir® (insulin detemir [rdna origin] injection) is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes and is not recommended to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. do not use levemir® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause symptoms such as sweating, shakiness, confusion, and headache. severe low blood sugar can be serious and life threatening. ask your healthcare provider about alcohol use, operating machinery, or driving. other possible side effects include injection site reactions.
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with head & shoulders? since before jeans were this skinny... since us three got a haircut.
3:55 am
since my first twenty-ninth birthday. [ female announcer ] head & shoulders. live flake free. ♪ where have all right blue skies gone ♪ ♪ where have all the blue skies gone ♪ >> marvin. on a tuesday. not bad. uh-huh. >> michael jackson impersonation. >> a good music night. >> finally, environmental causes are very popular. among young people. and one 12-year-old boy has made recycling shoes his special cause. i don't know if he would want to recycle those? >> he and his mother packed thousands into his car and took them to chicago where theresa gutierrez caught up with them. >> reporter: 12-year-old eric hanson, also called eco eric, brought more than 4,000 pairs of shoes he collected to
3:56 am
use again, a west chicago clothing recycler. since the spring he organized collections throughout the midwest. more than 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown out each year in the united states. and dumped in landfills. >> i take old jeans and old shoes and turn them into useful products for other people. i think as humans we should recycle as much as possible. and be a little bit more eco-friendly. >> reporter: he came up with the idea of recycling jeans and shoes, when he was 8. he brought them from ohio with his mom to a used again warehouse in west chicago. he hand loaded all of the shoes he has collected. >> i contacted use again. they said i could send in the shoes that i collect and they would remanufacture them and into different purposes. >> absolutely proud. over the top. he collected over 4,000 pairs, pairs of shoes. we counted every single one of them. >> reporter: use again's mission is to convert textiles from land filled and they partnered with eco eric two years ago.
3:57 am
>> we really appreciate that. a lot of shoes will be reused by people who can't afford shoes. >> reporter: they plan to recycle or repurpose them. they made a $1,000 donation to a nonprofit organization fostering clean-up efforts. eco eric's message to people. >> i think they should like open their eyes and look out to the world and see what they can do with their stuff. i think we should reduce our waste, yeah. and do something with your stuff besides throw them in the trash, because they end up in a landfill. >> good to see that guy stepping up. >> oh. >> oh. >> i can't follow that one. >> thank you. somebody call the emmy committee. >> he's got a lot of sole. >> a phone. rob needs his emmys. wait, wait, they're not there. >> the d block of -- awe >> i'm here all week. >> we're stepping out now. >> tip your bartender. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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